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About Groove Company

The Groove Company is your complete mobile DJ company that will make your wedding, corporate, or special event a success! The Groove Company is the complete mobile DJ solution for all your event needs. With over 18 years experience, an extensive music library and state of the art equipment, The Groove Company will exceed all of your expectations. We will never sell you something you don’t need. We pride ourselves in giving our clients superior entertainment and personalized service at a reasonable price. The Groove Company can promise you quality from start to finish because we do not use private contractors for your event. When you contact us you are connected to the owner, operator and DJ for your event.

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Groove Company

The Groove Company Will Make Your Wedding, Corporate, or Special Event a Success

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What will my DJ wear?

The standard attire for any event is a suit and tie and we will, upon request, come dressed in a tuxedo.

Will the DJ stay longer than the contracted time?

Yes, your DJ will always be available for any overtime you desire. All overtime rates are clearly drawn out in your contract and we are always happy to stay late.

How often will my DJ take a break?

NEVER!! Your DJ will always be working and will not take breaks to insure that your event goes exactly as planned.

Tips for Finding a DJ

Does the company have insurance?

This is an important question not only for legal reasons but also to filter through those djs that are not serious about their business. Asking about insurance is a great way to find out if you’re dealing with a professional or a part time DJ.

Are you talking to your DJ?

Many DJ companies have multiple entertainers and at times you get the leftovers. When you inquire about a company, before talking dates and times you should ask to be connected to the DJ that will perform at your reception. Often when calling other companies you are actually talking to the sales representative and not an actual DJ. If you are not put in touch with your DJ in a timely manner that should be a real big red flag. Also, many times different DJs come at different price points, which to us makes no sense. Why would anyone want a "cheaper" DJ to entertain their party? You want and deserve the best for your event. Make sure you interview each and every DJ in the company to insure that you get the one that fits your style the best. Do not let the DJ company assign a DJ for your event, you need to be able to choose who is the best fit.

Are they trying to sell you things you don't need?

If the company you are considering has a website take a look and see if they are trying to sell you other services you don’t need. Are they using their website to promote other ventures they are involved with. If so it may lead you to believe that they are not focused on your event. Do they offer discounts if you use their other profit making ventures? This business is not about gimmicks to make money, it’s about being a part of some of the most important days of your clients lives. Gimmicks are for kitchen knife adds and late night info-mercials, not professional DJs.

True claims of experience and organizations they belong to

If a company claims to have years of experience then research those claims to make sure they are being honest. The company may have years of experience but the actual DJ your are getting may only have months of experience. Also, if there are claims of being a member of specific organizations then go to those organizations websites and see if the company in question is listed. Many times these organizations are listed as a selling tool but the company may not be an "active" member.

Groove Company

The Perfect Playlist for the Perfect Event

Photograph by Firm Anchor

Craig is so professional and fun! He made our wedding night so special, he has that enthusiastic attitude that will get everyone up and on the dance floor. He played the perfect songs and worked so wonderfully with our photographers to get those fun candid pictures that every bride wants! I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for the best DJ in town!

I just wanted to let you know once more how much I appreciate working with you for Faith’s wedding. You did an absolutely wonderful job and with a lot of class. God brings people into our lives to help us along the way. Thank you for letting Him use your talent to help make this day so special.

I just finished watching my wedding video for the first time and the reception was my favorite part, mostly due to the fact that Craig was so great. I met with him before and he helped me pick some of the important songs that I was having a tough time with. I’m so glad that he gave me such wonderful suggestions, I couldn’t imagine it any other way. He played the perfect songs the entire night. At one point in the video I even said "Oh this is such a great song too, he’s fantastic!" I’ve recommended him to many of my newly engaged friends and will continue to in the future. I asked him if I could submit a testimonial, because that is how strongly I feel about his work. If you are looking for a DJ, look no further.

Long before our wedding Craig began helping us decide which music should be the soundtrack of our wedding reception. From the before dinner tunes, entrance music, background dinner music, special moments such as speaches and cake cutting, to the always important dance music. Craig used his mastery of technology and music to make each moment unique to our requests and personal style. Some of our musical selections were very eclectic and hard to find, a few songs were no longer available in stores or through online stores. Craig went so far as to hound a DJ from Red Lounge to find some of the music and he even talked to friends of ours to find the perfect music we requested. Furthermore, Craig is fun and sweet, not the type of DJ who’s going to be the center of YOUR party. He gets all the important stuff taken care of so all you have to do is have a great time instead of worry about the details of the evening. Plus, he won’t wear a silly tux with a shiny green bow tie, like some DJs I’ve seen.

Craig, we are so glad that Beth recommended you because we had a blast at the reception. In fact, everyone I talked to had a great time and thought you did an awesome job... Jake and I thought you did and awesome job too. My grandmother wants to have a party like that every weekend. I will definitely pass along your name.

Corey and I just want to thank you for the incredible job you did at our wedding reception. The music was fun and entertaining, even for some of us who couldn’t dance worth a lick, we sure had a blast! It was a good feeling to know that we could relax and have a good time, while you had everything under control. We loved your enthusiasm and great talent, as well as all the guests did. Your fun spirit can sure fill a room! Thanks again for a memorable fun filled night!

Craig, you are the best. Friendly, polite, hard working, thorough, professional, on time (early)! We are so glad that you were in charge of our reception. Everything went so smoothly thanks to you. Alot of folks commented on what a nice job you did. I will happily give you a glowing recommendation to anyone I know who needs a DJ. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome job you did at our wedding. We could not have asked for a better DJ! The night was exactly how we wanted it and we could not be more thankful! You really kept the party going and I will be sure to recommend you to friends and family. I hope to see you soon and thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks ever so much; you are an excellent D.J. Your professional expertise contributed to the success of our CEP event at ASHE. Again thank you.

Thanks for your work at the reception, it went very well. If we ever have a chance to refer you to a friend, you can count on us. You did a great job and we had a blast. Thanks.

We can’t thank you enough for being the DJ at our wedding reception! You definitely made the night a blast! All our friends commented on how awesome you were. Thanks again for making our night so special and fun!

Groove Company

The Groove Company Established 2004

Photograph by Weasie Gaines Photography